Scrolling through other websites you probably read the words love, authenticity, natural photography very often. And yes, it is about that – but even more it is about quietness, slow and intimate gesture.

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Secret elopement in

Altaussee/Upper Austria

A photoshoot in the fog on

Jauerling/Lower Austria

Rainy and moody day at

Lago di Carezza/Italy

Your favourite
third wheel.

My name is Selina.

The one, who will always have an open ear, straighten your dress, button your sleeves and cry doing your ceremony. I go with an open heart and and try to act with love and kindness, as I wish for it in return. So I probably give too many hugs and drink too many drinks with my couples.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower during the couple photoshoot in Paris, France.


"Selina is a true gem! It's really hard to find a photographer who captures emotions, a certain kind of feeling. I have already hired her three times! She did an excellent job of making us feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am normally a very shy person and find it hard to act naturally when I am being photographed, but with her and her charisma, she has given me the confidence I need to feel comfortable."

- Clarize & Philippe


May 2023

Travel Dates 2023


23rd–29th October 2023

Lower Austria

You are on vacation and need a special souvenir from your trip or you already live there? Write me a message and let‘s meet.

October 2023