Scrolling through other websites you probably read the words love, authenticity, natural photography very often. And yes, it is about that – but even more it is about quietness, slow and intimate gesture.

My goal as a photographer is to romanticize everything about your relationship. Like Jack & Rose and every other love story where your eves wont remain dry.

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When the morning light touches

the roofs of Venice/Italy

A long-distance love:

From Austria to Paris/France

Moody wedding reportage
in an abbey in Austria

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Your favourite
third wheel.

My name is Selina.

The one, who will always have an open ear, straighten your dress, button your sleeves and cry doing your ceremony. I go with an open heart and and try to act with love and kindness, as I wish for it in return. So I probably give too many hugs and drink too many drinks with my couples.


„What can I say? It was as if I would meet an old friend after many years and from the first second there was a familiarity and comfort. You can only feel good being around someone, who gives so much warmth. In the end of the day we had already taken her firmly into our hearts."

- Louise & Bert from Switzerland


Travel Dates 2023

May 2023



You are on vacation and need a special souvenir from your trip or you already live there? Write me a message and let‘s meet.