I‘m the right photographer

Based in Austria | Available for travel

To be honest, the moody photography style somehow perfectly completes the picture of me like a puzzle piece. For example, I play Cello for 17 years now and always loved the slow and minor music. People also tell me sometimes that I dress myself like out of a storybook and I constantly listen to movie music and create different storylines in my head while I bake an apple pie. As I said, like a puzzle that randomly comes together.

Writing about yourself is probably the most difficult part, but here we go: I‘m Selina, photographer from Lower Austria and if it were up to my past self, I wouldn‘t be a photographer today, because when I was 16 years old I quit photography, thinking I would never be as good as those I looked up to. My 16-year old self would be completely over the moon if she would know that I'm a full time photographer today.

I'm obsessed with

I cry when

On my bucket list

photograph in Portugal & Irland

do more videography

learn to sew my own dress

learn sign language

focus my business more on elopements

writing a vegan recipe book

create an online course for productivity

create an online course for photography

Someone gets hurt or opressed


I speak

German, English, Italian
(+ read Latin, old Greek)

I actually have a degree in

My favorite food


Are dumplings!!

Some behind the scenes and parts of my life

In my photos you won‘t find people with a permanent grin. The true magic lies in those deep emotions that are often not seen on the surface.

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