5 reasons for an After Wedding Shoot

Why an After Wedding Shooting is better than the couple shoot on your wedding day. Quiet provocative, I know, but it‘s so necessary, because After Wedding Shoots are still not very popular. With a post wedding session you have many opportunities. Let me show you 5 reasons why it‘s true:

Choose location, time and weather

You have the possibility to choose. No matter if you travel to another country for your bridal photos, during winter, for sundown at the sea, for a beach shoot in Lisbon or autumn in Paris. Also important: We can choose the time we want, which is especially important for the perfect lightning. So over all you are not restricted by place, weather or the time of your actual wedding day.


No one is waiting – no stress, no pressure!

It‘s for sure one of the main reasons why couple shoots on the wedding day are not as emotional or relaxed as you wish. You want to go back to your guests as soon as possible, so you never have a free mind and can‘t enjoy the togetherness with your love. During an After Wedding Shoot there is no one waiting. No pressure, no stress.


You can include activities that fit to your relationship

A hike, a kayak, drawing, writing letters, indoor photoshoots, bathing, pool-activities, exploring a city, surfing, cuddling in bed, eating pizza, drinking champagne – doing one or more things during your After Wedding. Whatever you like, everything can be part of your wedding photos. Most of the time it is something that fits to your relationship and if you can‘t think of anything right away, let me help you!


Stains & dirt on your outfit are allowed

There is also a phrase for it: trash your dress. But we definitely don‘t have to go this far! A walk into the lake or dancing in the rain is no problem anymore. Of course you don‘t need to wallow in dirt if you don‘t like, but it‘s a reminder that you don‘t have to pay that much attention anymore at keeping your dress white (if it is something you are concerned of).


Alone time & celebrating a second time

Your day will be over within a few seconds and you hardly had the chance to enjoy and celebrate privately just the two of you. So please follow my invitation to party a second time. If you are already married for five or ten years, take my invitation as a get-away from work or kids on your anniversary. That‘s the best part about After Weddings, you can do them actually at any time.


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