A peaceful visit in the Dolomites and Meran/Italy.

For me it‘s still unbelievable to call on Monday with a couple from India, on Tuesday to Norway and on a random Wednesday to Singapore. It‘s part of my job but still the most unbelievable part, because I can‘t understand how people around the world find my work. My little work from Austria. Of course I know that this is part of the globalization and part of social media, nevertheless it always amazes me when I set up a ZoomCall where we have to calculate time differences.

In this case I had the honor to meet M & K from Singapore. Yes, from Singapore! And all together we went on a little adventure to the Dolomites/Italy. Oh, I was so excited to meet them! Our first stop was a rainy morning shoot at Lago di Carezza, before we drove to Meran and into the mountains. We also enjoyed breakfast together and I learned so many things about their culture!

Once again thank you for your trust into a photographer from the other side of the world!