couple indoor in first district in Vienna

A photoshoot in the elegant first district of Vienna

Yes, Vienna is also known for it‘s elegant white facades, the baroque influence, for castles, churches and the connection in architecture between modern and past centuries. Over all Vienna – especially the first district – is pure elegance and the perfect place for a photoshoot. But not forget the world that lies behind closed doors: The stunning interior design.

Maybe you can imagine how my jaw dropped while I entered the photoshoot location my couple had suggested. Endlessly high ceilings, columns, ornaments, paintings and huge windows, flooding the room with soft light reflecting from the opposite building. The beauty in architecture combined with the beauty in finding the silence to blend everything out except for the person you love is material for a movie.

Although I‘m quite often in Vienna for indoor or outdoor photoshoots, I can‘t wait for the next film or photo project – no matter if couple, engagement, wedding or after wedding – Vienna is simply a magnificent place to be.