A photoshoot in the fog on Jauerling/Lower Austria

I had the pleasure to be with I & B in Lower Austria exploring the woods and wandering through the fog. It was a day that I enjoyed immensely, since I met this two beautiful souls. With their trust and willingness to go beyond a typical couple photoshoot, we created this kind of moody and cinematic art. Close-to-nature-photoshoots are by far my favorite. Lying in moss, merging with the roots and listening to the music that wind and trees create. ⁠

With every couple I have a ZoomCall before meeting in person for the first time at the photoshoot. It helps to get to know each other beforehand and to communicate wishes and ideas. The couple photoshoot is also way more relaxed when you know who you are going to meet that day.

I & B told me during our first call that they do reading picnics from time to time. So it was obvious to me that we have to include such a special activity in their couple photoshoot. They got the task to find a paragraph that fits to their relationship or their partner in the book they are currently reading or read before. Oh, and that was beautiful to listen to!

Please never forget that a couple photoshoot can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a hike up a mountain, it can be a picnic in the woods, you can dance and read in your apartment or play piano if it makes you happy!

Since the last couple of months I‘m happy to share my linen dresses for couple photoshoots. In case you are interested into having your own "Little-Women-Feeling" at home, I asked the atelier (where I get my linen dresses from) for a code. So you can use this LINK (affiliate) and "SELINAJULIAA" for 10% off the entire order.