An indoor coupleshoot in Vienna – with a pillow fight

Again a beautiful indoor coupleshoot in Vienna.

Shooting inside gives you more control over light shadow, creating cinematic and dramatic scenes. That is the main reasons why I love to shoot indoor and control all external circumstances. With K & C I had the chance to capture their story in their apartment in Vienna, using the light from the huge windows and a small lamp on the side table from time to time. It was the first I intensively focused also on different light temperatures and setting the yellow and blue light into contrast.

Talking about Vienna: Although I grew up and still live on the country side, I love to spend time in the capital city, getting inspired by the people, the architecture, the hustle and bustle and the lights in the night. During Winter – the off-peak season for photographers – I‘ll continue planing my own projects and realize my ideas to charge my creative batteries.

Definitely can‘t wait to return to Vienna and photographing connection in- and outdoor!