A couple walking at the lake Traunsee in Gmunden when the ground is covered with snow.

Cold winter in Gmunden, Traunsee

It‘s the first photoshoot in Gmunden, Traunsee during cold winter. For months I had a specific vision in my mind, especially "making use" of the birds I already watched in summer flying by. On the day of our photoshoot we were surprised by snow. A lot of it to be honest! But we really enjoyed to wander through knee-deep snow. From time to time the sun came through and reflected on the lake.

As always connecting with the couple was very important for me. J & L made it easy for me as they were relaxed and very in love. My job was just to intensify these feelings through movements. We talked a lot, and they really slowed me down.

The next few sentences are from the Instagram post I made for this photoshoot, speaking about change and development: " I think some couples would be surprised how many of us struggle with the same things. And many of those things are attributed to change/development (and my own relationship is no exception). 

Thinking that all of us stay the same, having the same values and characteristics for decades and a lifetime, destroyes connection. Never would I say that it‘s easy to handle. No. Not at all. It‘s like meeting a new person from time to time. 

Once I listened to an interview with an elderly man, who just lost his wife and the only woman he ever was in a relationship with. They asked him, “How do you feel about the fact that you were in a relationship (and later marriage) with one single woman in your whole life?“ He answered, “I never was just with one single woman, because both of us changed so often our personalities and characteristics over the decades, it feels like I was with nine different women.“ 

Don‘t get me wrong: This doesn‘t mean to say “it‘s okay“ to anything that might happen. It doesn‘t mean to stay with one single partner your whole life. It‘s more of a, “You will change. Your love will change. Don‘t expect the other one to stay the same. And most important, try to get to know this new personality, before you give up easily.“