cinematic beach photoshoot in melk

Little Women feeling with a couple photoshoot in spring

Put a linen dress (affiliate) on, find a stunning location in nature, go outside when the sun slowly sets and you have this little women feeling for a couple photoshoot in spring. Also important: Don‘t be afraid to get "in touch with nature". This might sound strange, but it lies so much beauty in the way how human and nature can melt together. Here are some examples that make a photo a unique piece while melting with nature:

  • sit on the ground
  • lay on the ground
  • stand in the middle of a thicket
  • go with your dress a bit into the water
  • sit or stand against rockets
  • etc.

Also when you are having an After Wedding Shoot like S & M had it, don‘t be afraid to sit on the ground and walk with it into water. It is a melting process with nature and the photos do look stunning with it.

I was very lucky that K & M were completely up for this melting process which included sitting on the sand and within roots of a tree. I bet, when I would have asked them to roll in the sand, they would have done it immediately. Thank you for your time and the great dinner with you afterwards.

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