One of my first weddings. An emotional day in Maria Taferl.

553 days ago:

The wedding of C & P in Melk and Hotel Schachner at Maria Taferl (Lower Austria) was one of the my first weddings I was allowed to be part of as a photographer. We had perfect weather conditions, a timetable that allowed us to enjoy a calm morning (already filled with tears of joy) and do a private letter exchange with a first look.

What I‘ve never expected, but they showed me, is the friendship and bond you can get with your couples. After hours of wedding-talks, chats and exchange of thoughts they found a place in my heart, that lead to a shaky-hands-and-crying-tears-of-joy-photographer during ceremony and speeches.

So yes, C & P showed me how beautiful my job is, the relationships you can build with your couples and how wedding photography and the people I meet can fill my heart with warmth and gratitude.


Time flies and I was allowed to stay in C & Ps life for a little longer. Not only was I allowed to take photos of their togetherness during pregnancy, I also captured them as a family once little F joined us earth-sides. What a journey, what an experience, what an honor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!