Rainy and moody day at Lago di Carezza/Italy

Lovely M & K were getting married pretty soon and decided to travel from Singapore to the Dolomites in Italy as a pre-wedding-experience. And lucky me was allowed to be a tiny part of it. I had such a great time with these two! Learned so much about their culture and their worldview - something I enjoy the most when I meet new people.

Looking at these photos I remember how we wandered through the woods at Lago di Carezza early in the morning, soaked and water dripping from our jackets! We actually wished for a great sunrise, but we got a moody, cinematic scenery instead. And M & K you did such a great job, fighting temperature and rain after you arrived a few days earlier from your home country where you enjoyed 26 degrees. 

I think, couples always believe that a photoshoot can only happen on a sunny day, although I always recommend and wish for a cloudy or foggy day. The light on a cloudy day always softens the skin and flatters your appearance. Also on a sunny day I try to stay in the shadow for a soft skin, just have a look at M & Rs photoshoot on the Vogelbergsteig in Dürnstein or the couple photoshoot of a couple in Luberegg/Lower Austria.

For all of us it was the first time shooting in the Dolomites at Lago di Carezza. In my opinion it was such a stunning place to be and I hopefully can come back with a couple one day – maybe for a magical elopement or an After Wedding photoshoot?

In the end I wanted to say thank you M & K for choosing me as your photographer, actually choosing a stranger from the other side of the world. And also thank you for inviting me to your wedding in Singapore!