A young couple sits in front of the cafe Malabar while a stranger walks by.

Long distance love: From Austria to Paris

Paris, the city of love. Where else would you have a photo shoot with the person you love the most? Not only is Paris a romantic and dreamy city, it‘s also a place full of details, like the ornaments of the balconies and the colorful flowers that decorate the house facade of almost every café.

Thinking of the moment when C‘s message popped up on my phone, I remember the surprised and overjoyed feeling I had, so clearly. Not to mention, that I immediately did a screenshot for the family chat! C wrote me, that she will travel to Paris/France, visiting her boyfriend, since they live in a long distance relationship. They dreamed of a photoshoot in Paris – a vibe that looks like right out of a movie. So I travelled with her from Vienna to Paris. It was the first time visiting the city of love and I remember my first thought: Wow, the whole city is a gigantic photoshooting-location! 

Before I came to Paris I already planned a route through the city, which included as many places as possible – also a stop at a café was part of it! Our last stop was in front of the sparkling Eiffel Tower, where I took both photo and video of C & P, finishing this incredible shooting experience. 

We enjoyed caprese and soup at a restaurant together, before we said goodbye. This goodbye was more a „see you soon“, than a forever-goodbye. Thank you so much for your trust!