couple walking along the water in italy

Venice/Italy photoshoot in the narrow streets

In December I had the honor to meet two incredibly kind and funny souls and shoot in the dark and narrow streets of magical Venice/Italy. I had one of the best weekends ever! Although we only planned a couple shoot, we ended up spending a lot more time together. Actually every single day. From walks through the streets, to shared meals and a very drunk night. If I‘m completely honest, I laughed more in these two days and was happier than many weeks before. Our short time together somehow had a healing effect.

My train ride home was canceled after this weekend, but delighted by all those great moments even that couldn‘t make me angry at all. On my Instagram I also shared with you that this was always my greatest fear. It turned out that it wasn‘t horrible at all!

So in the end I found myself at the train station in Italy, with a huge backpack, a canceled train and nevertheless endlessly happy about the situation.