A young couple in front of the state opera in Vienna.

When it get‘s dark in Vienna

Vienna has it‘s own magic when it get‘s dark. Inspired by the lights, I asked A & S if they have time for a photo shoot with a few locations I had on my mind for a while now. So we met a few days before Christmas in Vienna and started our walk from the state opera, to the cinema "Burgkino" and to a few crosswalks later in the evening.

It was a cold day, so we ended up in a café where we actually planned to stay just for a few minutes to warm up finger and toes, but eventually stayed there longer than we actually took photos. It was not only the warmth of the tea and the coffee that kept us inside, it was also the warmth of their hearts that let me forget our plans and led to listening to their stories.

For me it felt like a little Christmas present to have such a beautiful conversation. I couldn‘t imagine myself with any other couple having a photoshoot so close to Christmas and at the same time being the last couple in 2022 season. Thank you for your warmth!