Vienna Schottenkirche: Wedding in the City

How beautiful are photoshoots in Vienna? I‘m very lucky to take photos of my couples at this multifaceted place from time to time. But this was my first wedding in the city: a traditional wedding in Vienna Schottenkirche. Especially the church and the location for dinner afterwards stunned me. L & B were surrounded by many friends and family making the day as special as it was and also filling this huge church (Schottenkirche). On top of that the lighting mood in the Melker Stiftskeller made this day rememberable.

Personal letter to my couple

Dear L & B,

thank you. For your words, your appreciation, your open arms and open hearts. I enjoyed being your third wheel, being part of your day and journey, messaging in the night about weddings, health, about little H and future. Although we weren‘t able to meet before your big day we did very good on getting to know each other through Zoom Meetings. Dear L, when I first met you in person at the hairdresser, it was like meeting a friend, not a stranger – I just wanted you to know that. Both of you looked stunning and I hope to see you again!

Yours, Selina