A couple portrait of newlyweds, standing on Vogelbergsteig in Dürnstein

After Wedding in the Wachau (Dürnstein)

The Wachau is probably my most visited area with couples for a photoshoot. To explain the area a little bit closer for those who don‘t know it: It‘s a famous valley next to the Danube in Lower Austria between the village Emmersdorf a. d. Donau and the little city Krems. Especially in spring many tourists go there for the apricot blossom. Beside that it‘s famous for the vineyards, the Heurigen and cycling tours. If you ever plan a visit in Lower Austria, I highly recommend to go there by bike, eat some good "Heurigenjause" and drink vine from the nearby vineyards. It‘s one of my favorite areas to be in summer – especially for sundown with a glass of wine.

Over the past years I always had one specific spot in mind, that I hoped my couples would choose one day. And with S & M it finally happened! We drove to Dürnstein – a village in the Wachau – and enjoyed two beautiful hours up there in the middle of rocks, woods and cliffs, enjoying a stunning view down to the Danube. We started our photoshoot next to a view tower before we went closer to the cliffs, popping bottles and enjoying the last moments before sundown.

The first time I met S & M was in a café, where we actually talked about their wedding and ended up with an After Weddings Shoot (since I never talk my couples into something and rather look for the best option for them). I was a little bit afraid that the great talks, jokes and stories we told each other that day would disappear on the day of our photoshoot – thank god I was wrong! We had such a great time and I would love to meet them again one day, because this was a match, for sure. Thank you so much for your trust!