Giving too many hugs,

sharing too many drinks.

What luck when "clientship" turns into friendship. Having a good time, trusting each other and cherishing love and life are the foundation for good photos.

Services for

stories of love

Specialized in telling stories of love through photo and video with all of my heart.








After Wedding

Let‘s have a video call to talk about your secret proposal. I‘ll have my camera ready hiding behind the bushes to capture your moment. Or you can enjoy a relaxed photoshoot before your wedding and use your engagement photos for the wedding invitations.

Cinematic and moody photography is what I do with all of my heart. And that‘s the reason why we create your individual coupleshoot concept together during a video call. Location, outfit, timetable – let me help you to draw a vision that fits to your relationship.

Just attending your wedding and talking about the timetable one week prior isn‘t for me. I want to build a relationship, because I truly care about you and your wedding day. We have talks and visit the location together to create your optimal timetable, find other providers, hand out a checklist and pass on advices.

Put on your wedding outfits & swing your beautiful booties in front of my camera, no matter if you are married for two days or twenty years. You should be allowed to fully enjoy a relaxed photo shoot with no pressure or location limits. In a video call we talk about a shooting surrounding that fits to your relationship. Read your vows, write letters and I bring the wine!

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This is nothing we do somewhere in between, because we wanna create a whole story with everything a film needs. I direct you through this whole process and my promise to you is that I won‘t make you look foolish. All I need is your trust and your feelings. I do films pre and after a wedding, for couples, engagements and pregnancies.

Congratulations! What a step for your love and relationship! Pregnancy is already the time where you build up a family-thinking and a bond. The pregnancy shoots I do are always indoor, as it is a more comfortable and familiar surrounding. Also perfect for breaks, snacks and laying down in between.

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For more information contact me.